Thinking Elliptical? Read On!

Elliptical training is something that many of of hear for the first time and need to look up to find out exactly what it is. If that’s you, welcome!

Google has become a one stop shop for knowledge, and while the Donald Trump’s of this world like to focus on the fake news side of the web and media, we think it’s a hugely valuable resource for learning, especially when that learning can directly result in better health.

Elliptical machines are better known as Cross Trainers in the UK, a machine that you’ll find in every gym that’s worth its salt in the land. They’re designed to offer a low intensity cardio workout, suitable for just about anyone. In other words, they’re not too tough on the body and provide a great way to raise the heart rate.

We’re not here to talk about gyms though, at least not the ones that cost a fortune to remain a member of month after month – we’re here to talk about home fitness – and how you can set up your home gym for a fraction of the cost of belonging to a ‘proper’ gym year after year.